Wouter Go
Managing Director

Wouter Go worked for the Japanese video game publisher Ertain. As the only none-Japanese employee he helped setting up Ertain’s European Sales & Operations Office in the Netherlands. For Ertain he successfully published titles for NDS, PSP, PS2 in Europe, the United States and Japan.

After leaving the Game Industry he gained working experience within recruitment and consultancy, having serviced IT, Technology and Telecom companies such as KPN, IBM, Ziggo, Huawei etc.

Wouter Go started Capstone as a general recruitment agency, but explored the possibilities to re-enter the Game Industry combining his industry knowledge, network and recruitment/ consulting skills.

To create a unique brand Capstone became StrideQuest. His perspective on “Think global, act local”, the ambition to grow StrideQuest as a company and the opportunities available decided to him to build StrideQuest into a partnership formula.

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