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Talent acquisition for the games industry

StrideQuest is your goto partner for workforce development, HR insights, and talent acquisition, specialised in servicing the videogame industry.


We help shape  the industry.

StrideQuest helps professionals reach their full potential, in studios dedicated to getting the most out of their teams.

We believe recruitment is all about building meaningful connections between people, in studios that understand people's needs and ambitions. As a talent acquisition partner, recruitment is just one way for us to get you there: our services include workforce insights, and Recruitment as a Service.

For Game Studios

Finding a game developer or artist online is easy. But finding the right person for the job, someone with the right skill set for today’s specialised tasks, is not.

That’s why StrideQuest snipes for success. We work with top-of-class industry developers, designers et cetera, and will only connect you with three top candidates for your position—saving you time to work on your business.

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For Professionals

As a workforce specialist operating in the videogame industry, we understand the needs of professionals. And while we offer our services to professionals from entry-levels upwards, we are at our best when recruiting for senior, lead, and executive positions. This could be you, so get in touch!

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We shaped the team,  they shaped the game

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Vertigo Games
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Build Meaningful Connections

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