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StrideQuest for Game Studios.

Talent acquisition is a difficult game to play.

StrideQuest helps you navigate a crowded field of recruitment and applicants, combining our knowledge and game industry network with your highly specific needs.

We snipe for the best fit, recruiting only the best of class, and only offering the top-3 candidates for a position, saving you valuable time and energy.

People over numbers

Talent acquisition is about meaningful connections, never about numbers. This is why we invest in people all the time. Not only by screening candidates for you, but also by understanding your company, company culture, and studio needs, to find out in detail what it is you and the candidate look for.

StrideQuest is the extension of your talent acquisition team.

Shaping entire teams

StrideQuest helps you build the best teams, using a global network of local recruiters to know who’s who in your neighborhood. This approach yields strong teams, and helps companies scale up fast when necessary.

Co-op over solo play

Recruitment services are about partnerships in the co-op sense of the word: you won’t achieve much if you don’t play for the same goals and awards. In our book, partnerships are “for better or worse.” Either we succeed together, or we won’t.

Working as partners also means not slapping our fees on you until you are satisfied with our work. Studios pay 50% of our fee when a position is filled, and the remaining part only when the new staff member is a full new hire.

Build with us


Sniping for success

For every position you have, we offer three candidates we carefully vetted, saving you valuable time on acquisition and interviews.


Specialists only

We only select candidates we see as top of class. Because why bother you with anything less?


Local expertise, global coverage

Act global, think local can be an empty phrase. Our global network of reliable local recruiters begs to differ.


Co-op over solo play

Recruitment is a game we play together.

Our services

Search and Selection

We can quickly deliver in-demand, fully screened, qualified candidates for permanent jobs while reducing time-to-hire.

Executive Search

Finding your executive team is a complex task for any company. Who makes you reach those higher grounds?

Recruitment as a Service

We offer tailormade and dedicated embedded recruiting solutions that reduce time-to-hire, lower cost-of-hire and increase the quality of hire.


Real-time insight in your recruitment project

Our client portal lets you see introduced candidates, schedule interviews and have all relevant documents in one place!


We shaped the team, they shaped the game

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Vertigo Games

Frequently asked questions

We are a game industry specialist and recruit for developers, publishers and technical service providers.
We mostly do permanent placements but we have a growing network of independent professionals who are interested in working project-based or on a specific assignment.
We recruit within all game industry-specific fields: C-level, executives, programmers, researchers, technical artists, producers, artists, game designers, QA, IT, marketers, community managers, social media managers, live ops, etc.
We have a global network of game professionals we try to stay in touch with on a regular basis. This way we know when people are open to a new job.
We also reach out to professionals actively to inquire if they are interested in a new position - putting your requisition in front of as many candidates as possible.

Eventually, we only submit 3 candidates we think best fit your position and team.
We try to be as transparent as possible. Together with our clients, we agree upon a recruitment strategy and the ideal profile. We use scorecards to assess candidates and share findings via our client portal.

Via the client portal, clients also have real-time insight into sourcing activities, candidate profiles and statuses.
Yes, we offer short term and long term recruiter solutions. Ask for our Recruitment-as-a-service solutions.
Yes, StrideQuest asks the candidate to provide two or three professional references in the event they are a finalist in the interview process. We have a standard list of questions we ask the reference so we have consistency with each reference employer.
Yes, StrideQuest regularly has candidates complete tests or assessments that the employer provides.
StrideQuest can be flexible in specific cases. Especially, if clients need more people in a year and they offer us exclusivity to fill their positions. In that case, the employer may also want to look at the retainer search option or recruitment-as-a-service.

Standard, we use a milestone-based invoice scheme. Never pay more than is needed.