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Krafton, a collection of studios with famous titles like PUBG

KRAFTON is a collective of studios, formerly known as Bluehole. One of their famous games is PUBG and we are both proud and fortunate to be working with this great team from the moment they landed in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam studios is the regional headquarters for EMEA and CIS and coves both publishing and game development.

Becoming a global recruitment partner

The development of PUBG is decentralized over several studios worldwide, each with its own responsibilities. We started out working for the gameplay and animation teams and got the opportunity to start working for other several PUBG studios in the United States as well.


We placed game professionals with diverse backgrounds and specialisms such as programmers, QA testers, country leads, audio designers and currently we are recruiting the leadership team for the new IP - Design Director, Art Director, Technical Art Director, etc.

Our professionals are working on PUBG, New State and their new to be announced IP.