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What started as PUBG Special projects ended up in a completely new studio in Amsterdam.

Playerunknown Productions was founded in February 2019 by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, widely regarded as the father of the battle royale genre. The studio’s mission is to make realistic multiplayer worlds where thousands of people can build, explore, and simply live.

This independent development studio is dedicated to exploring how new technologies can change the way we make virtual worlds. The hybrid team of game developers, researchers and artists are building the tools and technology necessary to create massive-scale multiplayer sandboxes.

They use machine learning, data-oriented design, large-scale parallel processing and blockchain to create the foundation for the engine that will power these worlds.

Their first public project will be Prologue, a tech demo designed to show off our Machine Learning-enabled terrain generation technology, creating 64x64 km maps at runtime that players will be able to explore with a simple game loop.

Building a team from the ground up

Being part of an ambitious project that is at the forefront of technology is exceptional and we are confident it will create an impact in the industry and beyond.

We are closely working with hiring managers and human resources to find the best-fit candidates.


We successfully placed AI researchers, producers, technical artists and are continuously recruiting new people.