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Voodoo reached out to us with the question if we could help recruit for multiple 1st party studios worldwide.

Voodoo is a French hypercasual publisher that announced it has surpassed six billion downloads across its games and apps in February 2022. Voodoo’s games portfolio consists of over 200 games and ranges from hypercasual, hybrid casual, and more. Voodoo recently announced plans to invest $200 million in blockchain games through the funding of studios.

Recruitment as a service

As Voodoo also has difficulties hiring talent acquisition specialists our recruitment-as-as-service was very interesting to them. Soon after, one of our consultants joined Voodoo’s talent acquisition team and we hope to help Voodoo with more recruitment partners.


Within a week of signing Voodoo as a new client, our consultant started as Voodoo’s talent acquisition associate. Our consultant is a full member of Voodoo’s talent acquisition team and we receive positive feedback from the Talent Acquisition Manager and studio manager during our evaluations.